TENS Recommended Materials

TENS has assembled a list of some of the most beloved and well-used resources for pledge campaigns and stewardship formation tools to inspire, educate, and inform lay and clergy stewardship leaders. These products will be fulfilled by ForwardMovement, with gratitude.


TENS Recommended Pledge Campaign Programs

A Manual for Stewardship Development Programs in the Congregation

Now in its third printing, many congregations have turned to this resource for formation and practical tips for annual campaigns and year-round stewardship teaching. The workbook has an easy-to-use guide for running effective campaigns, and is available digitally. Please visit Forward Movement for purchase and fulfillment.

Stewardship and Giving: How to Increase the Financial Support of Your Congregation

Developed by TENS, this guide will help you to learn about and implement fundraising best practices in your stewardship pledge campaigns. Use this valuable resource - with its detailed instructions, examples of timelines, letters, pledge cards and more - to plan your program for securing greater levels of commitment and generosity.

The Cottage Meeting Commitment Program

Small-group work in Stewardship is a keystone to many successful pledge campaigns. When we gather in small groups we share stories, experiences, and the joy of our community. This booklet contains all that you will need to implement effective small groups in your congregation’s giving program. Please visit Forward Movement for purchase and fulfillment.

The Faithful Member Home Visitation Commitment Program

The most effective fundraising is always face-to-face, and peer-to-peer. When we visit each other to invite participation in the pledge campaign, we can engage in meaningful conversation about our congregation, the ministries in which we are involved, and how we support our church. This guide gives step-by-step advice and a plan to visit every member of your congregation with a well-trained stewardship committee. Please visit Forward Movement for purchase and fulfillment.

The Festive Meal Commitment Program

Our common worship experience is built around a shared meal. For this reason the Festive Meal program resonates with many congregations. Sharing a special meal together, where we can also share our stories and experiences of mission and ministry, lead to beautiful pledge campaigns. This guide walks you through how to plan, promote, and implement this program. Please visit Forward Movement for purchase and fulfillment.

The Personal Note Commitment Program

Has your day ever been brightened by a handwritten note? In these days of isolation and digital communication, the art of writing and receiving notes may seem quaint, but it is also a beautiful tradition and lovely practice. This booklet guides a stewardship committee through the steps in writing heart-felt notes for stewardship purposes.

TENS Recommended Stewardship Formation Resources

The “S” Word

Stewardship is neither a mystery nor is it frightening. This practical guide can help you communicate the passion and joy for mission that is so critical for pledge campaigns.

Barnabas - A Model for Holistic Stewardship

Often overlooked in the story of early Christianity, Barnabas models stewardship not just in the sale of his land, but in the way he uses all of his gifts for the mission of the new faith.


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