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Posted: Feb 16

Journey to Generosity - Introduction

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  • This Introduction is also available as a high quality PDF in both English & Spanish
    • English version (PDF)
    • Spanish version (PDF)
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Posted: Jan 19


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Posted: Jan 19

Resolve To Do Three Stewardship Practices This Year

Annual GivingEnvironmental StewardshipGenerations & StewardshipStewardship FormationYear Round & Holistic Stewardship

I know. New Year’s resolutions are a joke. Nobody keeps New Year’s resolutions, good intentions notwithstanding. Let’s just say that upfront and out loud. Now, take a breath and admit that sometimes things have to change.

Here are three simple ideas that if practiced over the coming twelve months will transform your stewardship efforts and your church. In reality, we truly cannot do without them. continue reading...

Posted: Jun 14

Stewardship Lay Witness Presentation

Annual Giving

1. Opening Your opening remarks may tie into the Gospel lesson or the theme of the campaign. Or, you may want to begin by telling why giving has become a holy habit for you, a practice, a faith response?  continue reading...

Posted: Aug 7

Blessed to Be a Blessing Bulletin Materials

Annual GivingLiturgical & Worship Resources

The "Blessed to Be a Blessing" stewardship reflection series is designed to complement and support congregations during their annual giving campaigns, October 7 - November 11, 2012. Each of the six Sunday reflections features a different writer from across the Episcopal Church, exploring stewardship as a response to that week's lectionary reading from the Gospel of Mark.

Below are PDFs you can download and print off for your bulletins.   continue reading...

Posted: Dec 16

A Lay Stewardship Witness

Annual GivingPreaching Resources

Given by Jim Blum, Episcopal Church of the Nativity, Phoenix/Scottsdale, December 11, 2011

I would like to begin with my favorite morning prayer that I think is very apropos for our Stewardship Campaign this year and our goals and dreams for taking the Church of the Nativity well into the future:  continue reading...

Posted: Oct 28

Sample Stewardship Letters and Mailings

Annual GivingBest PracticesCongregational Leadership

Click on the links below to download sample stewardship mailings:

A Sample Stewardship Chairperson's Letter continue reading...

Posted: Oct 28

Three Stewardship Notions

Annual GivingCongregational LeadershipDiscipleship & Generosity

By Kirk Kubicek

No doubt many of us are in the middle of, or just finishing, the fall pledge campaign.  It is a time of much excitement mingled with anxiety.  What will the final results be?  If the totals – pledges and dollars – are up or down, does that reflect people’s attitudes and feelings toward me, the rector or vicar?  Will we be able to expand the scope and focus of our mission efforts both inside and outside the parish? continue reading...

Posted: Oct 18

Pledge Programs - Principles for an Effective Response

Annual Giving

By Tom Gossen, TENS Executive Director  continue reading...

Posted: Oct 3

Feasting on Gratitude

Annual GivingLiturgical & Worship ResourcesPreaching ResourcesStewardship Formation

Feasting on Gratitude is a six-week reflection series developed by The Episcopal Church and based on the Gospel readings of Matthew, inviting readers to reflect and discuss stewardship principles and practices. Designed to compliment and support a congregation's annual giving campaign, each of the six contributing writers explores stewardship, giving, gratitude, and generosity in conjunction with the Gospel reading for each of the six Sundays leading up to All Saints Sunday 2011. 

Resources include: continue reading...