Stewardship Resources

Posted: Jun 14

Stewardship Lay Witness Presentation

Annual Giving

1. Opening

Your opening remarks may tie into the Gospel lesson or the theme of the campaign. Or, you may want to begin by telling why giving has become a holy habit for you, a practice, a faith response?


2. Suggested Points to Cover

a.     How is money a spiritual issue for you?

b.     Who helped you think differently about money and faith?

c.      How does giving reflect your values?

d.     What do you value about your faith community?

e.    What are the challenges, choices and outcomes of intentional and proportional giving?

f.      How is giving a practice of transformation, or an offering of thanksgiving?

g.     How has intentional and proportional giving strengthened your relationship with Christ?


3.   Invitational Ending

a.     Invite reflection upon a question about money and faith?

The annual giving campaign is an opportunity not just to raise support for the life-giving ministry of the congregation, but also to encourage people to think about the role of money in their lives and how the stewarding of money is an aspect of discipleship.


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