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Posted: Oct 3

Renewal Through a Capital Campaign

Capital Campaigns

By Maurice Seaton, Head of Capital Campaign Services, Episcopal Church Foundation  

“And God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that by always having enough of everything, you may share abundantly in every good work.”

2 Corinthians 9:8

Capital Campaigns change lives.    Embarking on a capital drive challenges us to build a clear vision for our future and then ask every member for financial support to make it happen.  A capital campaign can be part of God’s plan for ministry within our church community.  The process asks us to change the way we think about the time, talents and treasure required to meet extraordinary needs.  Whether we are raising capital funds to begin a soup kitchen ministry or to build classrooms to start a pre-school, God’s vision for Christian community transforms us.   

A capital campaign is a transparent and inclusive experience.  Members are invited to participate in shaping a vision for the future before we ask them for money.  This allows every member to take ownership of the vision and begin to prayerfully consider how they will support it. 

Discerning what God’s plan is for your congregation will result in much more than financial success.  New leaders will emerge, relationships will be strengthened and your congregation will experience a heightened sense of community, mission and purpose.   These are some of the blessings of a capital campaign, and blessings according to Henri Nouwen are “A glimpse of the face of God”.

Capital needs vary greatly and are typically a combination of (1) building projects/needs (2) program or new ministry needs (3) endowment creation/growth, and (4) debt retirement.   Only after needs have been collectively identified and the vision refined and tested in a feasibility study, can pledges be gathered in.

The Episcopal Church Foundation believes in fundraising as ministry, and 94% of ECF led capital campaigns achieve or exceed their financial goal.  We want you to be successful not only financially, but also spiritually and strategically. ECF has more than 25 years of capital campaign experience and works exclusively with Episcopal communities of faith.  To learn more about our capital campaign consulting services, please visit the following links:

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