Stewardship Resources

Posted: Oct 27

"How To" Resources for the Congregation

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Joyful Giving -- A Manual for Stewardship Development in the Congregation (Third Edition published 2007) by Thomas R. Gossen. This is a collection of some of the material members of the Episcopal Church have developed over the past two decades. If you have recently attended a Stewardship Conference, chances are you have heard some of this material described. The manual gives it to you in written form. This is a very practical, well-organized work. This resource is no longer available in printed format. However, you are able to purchase a downloadable digital PDF file of the 2007 edition which you have permission to duplicate as required for use in your own congregation. Order from the TENS Online Store by clicking the "Store" button in the top right-hand corner.

Companion workbooks offer step-by-step planning and organizing tips for a successful commitment program. They will help you identify which commitment program is right for your congregation this year.  Visit the TENS Online Store to order these workbooks.

Transformed Giving Program Kit is a “total package” of resources for realizing your church’s full stewardship potential with a forty-day church-wide study and integrated financial commitment program. Transformed Giving takes the focus off finances and puts it on individual spiritual development and a new sense of Christian community. The full kit includes Treasures of the Transformed Life study book by John Ed Mathison; Participant’s Workbook designed for use in small groups as a six-week study; Leader’s Guide with DVD providing video teaching to start each of the six weekly sessions; Campaign Handbook with everything needed to execute the study and commitment campaign; Campaign Media in the form of a CD-ROM toolkit all the tools needed for a successful campaign and the DVD with messages for the pastor, the stewardship committee, and three model techniques for eliciting testimonies during worship that inspire increased giving. For details and to order go here.

Money Matters: Financial Freedom for All God’s Churches, by Michael Slaughter with Kim Miller (includes DVD). Money Matters begins with personal financial freedom training, offers a year-round program model that is strategically placed throughout the year, and is easy to implement. For more information go here.

On The Road Again Managing Evangelism and Stewardship for the Kingdom, by Keith B. Brown. Essential reading for any church that wants to move from "maintenance" to "mission." If your church dreams of a larger membership, staff, or facility, the Rev. Canon Keith B. Brown's fresh, groundbreaking insights--drawn from his experience as an international businessman and diocesan executive--will show you how to take the best of current business practices and translate them into nothing less than Spirit-driven agents of the Great Commission. (Church Publishing, NY 1-800-242-1918) For more information, click here.

One Minute Stewardship Sermons, by The Rev. Charles Cloughen, Jr. A collection of messages to use at the offertory each Sunday, incorporate into sermons, or print in the bulletin. These “sound bytes” reflect on the many aspects of stewardship that a congregation experiences throughout the year. This is a very practical book, full of things you can use. To order, click here.

Creating Congregations of Generous People: Money, Faith and Lifestyle Series, by Michael Durall. A very helpful book that assumes the church is in the conversion business, one of creating generous people. Those of us who know that we are created in the image of God, know that is what we were created to be. Alban Institute (800) 486-1318 or visit this page.