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Posted: Oct 3

Planned Giving

Planned Giving

Planned giving is a ministry that is vital to any congregation, diocese, or community of faith not only because it can help ensure the future of your organization, but also because it offers your members the opportunity to make a final testament about the importance of their Christian faith.

The Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) can assist you every step of the way – from developing your program, to equipping you with the resources you need to get results. Our services include: continue reading...

Posted: Oct 3

Posted: Oct 3

GreenFaith Certification Program

Environmental Stewardship

The GreenFaith Certification Program is a two-year, holistic process engaging an entire congregation through education, worship, environmental justice advocacy, building and grounds, and developing relationships with the larger interfaith community.

The Episcopal Church's Economic/Environmental Affairs Office and GreenFaith are underwriting 50% of the tuition for churches, enabling them to enroll for a discounted cost of $250 – $750. Churches in the program receive guidance and support, including one-on-one mentoring, resources, free webinars, and peer support. continue reading...

Posted: Oct 3

Capital Giving: Resources for choosing your team

Capital Campaigns

Congregations, dioceses, schools, and camps and conference centers depend on capital fundraising initiatives to provide funds for project such as renovations, the purchase of additional land, or the construction of new facilities. Capital campaigns are sometimes also conducted to add to endowment funds. Capital campaign programs match current members and friends of a particular institution who wish to make gifts designated for specific priorities, matching the interests of individual donors and the needs of the instituition. Resources Capital campaign services through the Episcopal Church Foundation A guide to choosing campaign counsel provided by The Giving Institute An online directory of fundraising companies    continue reading...

Posted: Oct 3

The Steward's Well

Best PracticesDiscipleship & GenerosityLiturgical & Worship Resources

The Episcopal Church's Office of Stewardship's website "The Steward's Well," is a gathering place to learn and lead in stewardship. Content includes stewardship resources and workshop listings.

The Office of Stewardship also publishes an online newsletter which includes theme based articles and reflections. The September 2011 issue explores the practice of giving as a path to investing in and participating in God's reign. continue reading...

Posted: Oct 3

Feasting on Gratitude

Annual GivingLiturgical & Worship ResourcesPreaching ResourcesStewardship Formation

Feasting on Gratitude is a six-week reflection series developed by The Episcopal Church and based on the Gospel readings of Matthew, inviting readers to reflect and discuss stewardship principles and practices. Designed to compliment and support a congregation's annual giving campaign, each of the six contributing writers explores stewardship, giving, gratitude, and generosity in conjunction with the Gospel reading for each of the six Sundays leading up to All Saints Sunday 2011. 

Resources include: continue reading...

Posted: Oct 1

Year-Round Stewardship

Year Round & Holistic Stewardship

All too often I see the idea of Year-Round Stewardship as taking the Annual Pledge Drive and using the whole year to plan what will be done for this one event held over a few weeks, generally in the fall. Although it is important to allow plenty of time to plan the annual campaign for creativity to be able to flow, Year-Round Stewardship should be so much more in the life of our congregations than merely the annual campaign.

The reality is stewardship is the care of something that has been entrusted to the steward by another for the true owner's purpose. God hopes and desires that this will be a joyful experience for us filled with wonder. In the first Article of the Nicene Creed we say, “We believe in one God, the Father, the Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of everything that is, seen and unseen”. So, it is through our baptism and deeper journey in Christ we find that responsible stewardship is not really about money, but it is about fulfilling Christ’s mission and ministry in the world through the right use of all God’s blessings entrusted to us. So we see that money is just a part of stewardship. And maybe it is better to say that money, and the use of it, is about stewardship rather than the other way around. The problem is that in our culture, money and things that relate to it, demand our attention. So the question is then how do we begin to refocus Stewardship in the Church to it's intended purpose – Christ's mission in the world? continue reading...

Posted: Oct 1

Generations of Stewardship

Generations & Stewardship

"Why don’t these young folks understand stewardship?” railed the sweet elderly lady on a church committee.  “We just need to explain it to them.  They need to understand that stewardship is paying your dues, just like you would if you belonged to a club.”  

As a new member of the stewardship team, its token Generation Xer, I widened my eyes.  “Is that what stewardship is?” I wondered to myself.  “If so, maybe I should reduce my pledge.” continue reading...

Posted: Sep 21

A Bishop's Article

Congregational Leadership

by The Rt. Rev. Paul V. Marshall, Bishop of the Diocese of Bethlehem, PA (Diocesan Life, Sept. '98).

Click Here to read the article. continue reading...

Posted: Sep 21

A Letter from the Bishop.

Congregational Leadership

by the Rt. Rev. Charles Jenkins.

A stewardship letter to the people of the Diocese of Louisiana. continue reading...