Posted: Jan 13

The Daily Sip

By Charles LaFond

daily_sip_695.jpgWhat we know about watering plants is that a slow drip often feeds the plant better than a deluge from a hose.

And our daily sip of coffee or bite of lunch are linked to the sip of wine from the chalice. Monday through Friday, this blog offers the beauty of a photograph and the consideration of a very short meditation meant to provide spiritual food from Monday through Friday in your week.

In the spiritual life, Sundays can be a massive down-load of words...liturgy, readings, sermons, conversations, classes, forums. In this blog, we will offer a daily sip of spiritual nourishment. This week-day blog by The Reverend Canon Charles LaFond is designed for you to be able to glance at an an image and then read a related short meditation which you may take into your day.  Some days the message will be comforting, others challenging and still others enlightening or amusing. There will be fragments of psalms, bits of poetry and aphorisms from deeps souls. Few readings will be more than 600 words and will therefore take less than three minutes to read.  We hope that the photo and accompanying words may seep into you as you go about your day, fueling your spiritual wonderings.  The Holy Spirit may even play with it within your heart. 

In an over-caffeinated, over-scheduled society, this daily blog is a week day sip for the soul; a taste that will, we pray, whet your palate for life and living. This blog is on the subject of "domestic spirituality." It is not intellectual but is meant to connect to where we live our daily lives.  Take a short pause in your day, even while on the move, to reflect on topics that will include choice-making, prayer in a busy life, mindfulness, stewardship of friendship, adoration, church life, self-care — anything which helps the average busy person to live their Christian life to the fullest.

Taken from St. John's Cathedral, Daily Sip Blog

The Rev. Canon Charles LaFond is a member of the TENS Board of Directors and is the Canon Steward at St. John's Cathedral in Denver, CO