Posted: Sep 3

The Abundance that Surrounds Us is God's

By JR Lander

rainbow-mts---sm.jpgRecently, my other half visited a wonderful bakery near our home. While he was standing in line, the person in front of him, ordered, put $10 on the counter, and left.  The cashier tried to get him back to give him his $2.50 in change. The departing customer said, “Keep it.” Great story in itself…  but here’s what was wonderful. The cashier put $1 in the cup for staff tips…  and the other $1.50 in a jar for raising money for a local charity.

Now let’s be honest, bakery cashiers, particularly in pricey areas like where we live, don’t make a lot. But this one employee chose to both share the $1 with the rest of the staff, and put the other $1.50 toward charity. As little money as this person had, he believed it was more important to give to this one cause dear to their hearts.

There are so often times in our lives that we somehow receive unexpected funds. Whether it be a generous tip, or an unexpected inheritance, a bonus at work, or an extra large tax return, these are certainly welcome. But imagine if we all chose to give a portion (or all) of these unexpected funds away. Imagine how we could touch the lives of those around us, and the lives of persons in need in our communities.

Stewardship is recognizing that what we have and what we receive are not truly ours. The abundance that surrounds us is God’s, and we should show our gratitude for being entrusted with it by sharing it.