Posted: Apr 21

Start Walking - The Way!

By Angela Emerson

wtwlogo---copy.jpgI was meeting with a congregational stewardship team last week.  This team has worked hard over the last few years in talking about money and putting time and energy into a fall campaign.  Eager to make more strides they attended the most recent “Walking the Way” seminar presented by TENS Executive Director the Rev. Laurel Johnston, as part of the Episcopal Church Foundations webinar series.

Our conversation focused on the limitations of getting people to give more when the reality is that fewer people are giving and all of them are giving more than in the years before.  The challenge before this group is to take seriously the stewardship of their building and grounds as tools for ministry in the community.  There is also a challenge to design an ongoing conversation around being stewards and not owners – of all that we have and all that we are.

What does it mean to “Walk the Way” in the spirit of Jesus

Traveling lightly, taking only on tunic, relying on the generosity of others?  The TENS narrative series not only provides great materials for reflection, preaching, and teaching in the fall but beginning now to explore the meaning of “Walking the Way of Jesus.”  If “Walking the Way” does not impact how we use our personal and corporate resources to honor God, then no amount of talking or cajoling or praying will have much impact in the fall.  Why not start to raise some questions and have some discussion now. 

The Rev. E. Angela Emerson, Canon for Stewardship and Development, Episcopal Diocese of Vermont.