Rick Felton is TENS new Executive Director!

Posted by JR Lander, December 3, 2014

The Episcopal Network on Stewardship (TENS) announced today that it has called Richard Felton to be its new Executive Director.  The selection of Felton comes after a nationwide search for a new leader of the organization. Felton has over 30 years experience in Stewardship, Fundraising, and Marketing.  A life-long Episcopalian, he grew up at Church of the Ascension in Sierra Madre, California.  As an adult he joined All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena with his wife and children.  He served as Junior and Senior Warden and co-chaired the committee that guided the renovation of the church’s sanctuary.

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Giving is an Integral Part of our Spiritual Journey

Posted by JR Lander, September 30, 2014

As we enter the time of year when most of our congregations are asking for financial commitments for 2015, I think it’s vital for us to remember that “stewardship” begins with the need of the individual to give, not the need of the institution to receive. As leaders, we need to be encouraging generosity and giving among all of our congregants.

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Stewardship Begins with God's Abundance & Our Response to It

Posted by JR Lander, September 29, 2014

I was recently sitting in a meeting of stewardship and development leaders in the Church. In the midst of this meeting, it became clear to me that we as the Church too often see the words ‘stewardship’, ‘development’ and ‘fundraising’ as synonyms. By doing so, we do a disservice to ourselves and to the important work of all three. As we are an organization that defines ourselves with the word ‘stewardship’, I hope to parse out at least my understanding of what is distinctive about ‘stewardship’ ministry. Stewardship includes aspects of development and fundraising, but the work of stewardship is much more expansive. Stewardship is living out our lives with the belief that all we are and have is God’s, entrusted with us to share.

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How to Raise Children to be Kind

Posted by Angela Emerson, September 18, 2014

The Washington Post recently ran an article on Christian formation for children.  Actually it wasn't about formation but it could be. It was called, "How To Raise Children To Be Kind" 

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Living Wi$ely Coming to DVD!

Posted by Chris Harris, September 17, 2014

Living Wi$ely is a course on money management and faithful finances developed in the Diocese of San Diego by Chris Harris, Canon for Congregational Development at St. Paul’s Cathedral and Postulant at The School for Ministry. The course has been offered at dozens of congregations and colleges campuses throughout San Diego and beyond, and for the first time it is being developed as a DVD series by the Diocese of Olympia.  

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The Abundance that Surrounds Us is God's

Posted by JR Lander, September 3, 2014

rainbow-mts---sm.jpgRecently, my other half visited a wonderful bakery near our home. While he was standing in line, the person in front of him, ordered, put $10 on the counter, and left.  The cashier tried to get him back to give him his $2.50 in change. The departing customer said, “Keep it.” Great story in itself…  but here’s what was wonderful. The cashier put $1 in the cup for staff tips…  and the other $1.50 in a jar for raising money for a local charity.

Now let’s be honest, bakery cashiers, particularly in pricey areas like where we live, don’t make a lot. But this one employee chose to both share the $1 with the rest of the staff, and put the other $1.50 toward charity. As little money as this person had, he believed it was more important to give to this one cause dear to their hearts.

There are so often times in our lives that we somehow receive unexpected funds. Whether it be a generous tip, or an unexpected inheritance, a bonus at work, or an extra large tax return, these are certainly welcome. But imagine if we all chose to give a portion (or all) of these unexpected funds away. Imagine how we could touch the lives of those around us, and the lives of persons in need in our communities.

Stewardship is recognizing that what we have and what we receive are not truly ours. The abundance that surrounds us is God’s, and we should show our gratitude for being entrusted with it by sharing it.


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Pilgrimage for Earth

Posted by Angela Emerson, July 21, 2014

The last few days of June took me on a Pilgrimage for Earth. The four day event, built on the themes of the Triduum, the end of Holy Week, focused on lament for the losses God’s Earth has suffered through human hands. We began at Church of the Woods in Canterbury, New Hampshire www.KairosEarth.org welcomed by the music of a local a capella group singing in the old Shaker tradition.  We planted trees, cleaned a creek bed, and enjoyed Eucharist under a tent. 

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Our Primary Stewardship Issue is Not Money

Posted by Kristine Miller, July 12, 2014

I am often asked about other areas of stewardship, "After all," I am instructed, "stewardship includes taking care of all of God's gifts, not just the money!" This is, of course, absolutely true. Stewardship of money is typically in the forefront because it has been described as the most difficult for those who are following the way of Jesus. Those of us who teach stewardship often point to the abundance of references to money and possessions in the Bible as well as the emphasis of Jesus' parables regarding the hold money has on all of us. I still believe money/finances/possessions can have a debilitating impact. My experience as a stewardship consultant has convinced me that the number one barrier to spiritual growth is that we often love our stuff more than we love Jesus. Recently, however, statistics and personal observations have caused me to become increasingly concerned about another area of stewardship--stewardship of our bodies.

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TENS Altar Bread Blog

Posted by Sarah Matthews, July 6, 2014

Another successful TENS conference has wrapped up, and planning for next year’s has begun.  As I look back on the events and conversations of those busy three days, I was reminded of how many people asked me about the bread served at the opening Eucharist.  It is a recipe we use at my home church in Atlanta, St. Luke’s, which we have been using for about 10 years now.  There is a team of bakers – there are about 8 women who take turns baking.  While I would happily send the recipe straight to those who requested it, someone suggested that we share it with everyone.  So we offer it here.   However, before we get to the details, I want to address one burning question:  why are we – a stewardship organization – exchanging recipes?  I believe it has to do with one basic definition of stewardship: 

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Ishmael and the Path of Stewardship

Posted by Bishop Dan Edwards, June 23, 2014

Proper 7a.13 – St. Patrick’s I cannot think of a more poignant story than Ishmael’s.

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